CPPI GA and DCS Mentorship Class focuses on Weekly Work Plans, Activity Cards and Planning Boards

How productive are you and your teams? Are you meeting on your goals on projects?

Our recent CPPI GA and DCS Mentorship Class focused on Weekly Work Plans, Activity Cards and Planning Boards. As a small business, you may feel you do not have enough time to plan with your team. Many successful business owners believe that intentional planning is a NECESSITY FOR SUCCESS.

Take 30 minutes today and plan out the remainder of your week and evaluate how much you get accomplished. You might be surprised at your actual productivity as a team and a business owner.

UF Mentor Protégé Program Small Business Bus Tour 2019

CPPI and DCS completed another successful UF Mentor Protégé Program Small Business Bus Tour with Kathey Porter and the UF Small Business and Vendor Diversity Relations Team.  Over the last 3 years, we have supported this business adventure by providing transportation for this amazing tour.  Big Thanks to Jerry for being such a great driver every year!  We toured several UF Construction Projects, including our own project at UF Health The Oaks.  It is our goal to continue supporting the efforts of all those seeking to empower the small business through programming and business opportunities. 

Historic Austell House

The Historic Austell House – Renovation Project

Greater Atlanta Area — Ducere Construction Services recently held a Ribbon Cutting Ceremony and Networking Event to unveil their new renovation project – The Historic Austell House and Business Headquarters near the Historic District of downtown Austell, Georgia.

City officials and community members were there to check out the newly renovated building, enjoy some food and drinks, admire the artwork inside, and officially introduce the new space. In attendance were Ollie Clemons – City of Austell Mayor, Darrell Weaver – City of Austell Department of Community Affairs, Jim Graham – City of Austell Department of Community Affairs, Sandra Leverette – City of Austell Council Member, Valerie Anderson – City of Austell Council Member and many other distinguished guests.

Images from the Grand Opening of The Historic Austell House

A Living Museum circa 1891

A prominent landmark, The Historic Austell House is arguably one of the most charming and picturesque of Victorians in the Greater Atlanta Area. Stepping into the Mansion is like entering into an exquisite “Highly Liveable Work of Art“.

Its interior is refined, elegant and decidedly modern, lined with artwork that feels to be carefully curated. The Victorian is situated on one of the highest points in the Heart of Austell, Georgia’s Historic District.

The Historic Austell House is available for private tours, filming and photography, weddings, receptions, showers and other group events.

Download Historic Austell House Brochure

DCS Small Business Tour in June 2019

What an amazing ride we had over the last month with our small businesses!! 

First Stop: Savannah, GA

The team started out in Savannah with our mentorship class.  We have some great small companies eager to learn how to improve their businesses in 2019!

Second Stop:  Tampa, FL

Our Blueprint Reading Class with CEI was a success!  The students learned so much about how to take commercial plans and use them as a business tool to increase revenue and educate their teams.  Big Thanks to Eric Graham for teaming with us on this event.  We appreciate the support of HCPS OSD!

Final Stop: University of Florida, Gainesville, FL

We completed our third session with our protégé Ms. Erika Nelson with Nelson & Company.  Keep up the good work everyone.  Thanks to Kathey Porter and her team for your continuous efforts to engage small business with all the opportunities that the University of Florida offers.  Kudos to Lennise with LivyO’s for catering the session! 

Congratulations CPPI for 8 years in Savannah!

Congratulations Charles Perry Partners, Inc. for 8 years in Savannah! With this momentous celebration, we kicked off our first CPPI and Ducere Construction Services 2019 Mentor Protégé Class.  What better way to celebrate our work in the community than working with small subcontractors in the community.  We look forward to helping our subcontractors build stronger companies. Looking forward to many more great years in the community.

Implementing Supplier Diversity by Kathey Porter!

A HUGE THANK YOU to Ms. Kathey Porter – Author, Small Business Expert, and Supplier Diversity Advocate – for including my interview in her new educational book titled, “Implementing Supplier Diversity“. 

There seems to be a sincere need for further education on the case of Supplier Diversity in America.  The catastrophic Great Depression taught Americans the need for sophisticated US Fiscal and Monetary Policies that are designed to monitor and influence the nation’s economy.  The instructional book, Implementing Supplier Diversity, provides an in-depth analysis of how Supplier Diversity Programs successfully contributed to American economics and political science.

Supplier Diversity Programs significantly influence macroeconomic variables by facilitating open and inclusive competition for contracts during procurement processes, and the use of vendors of different backgrounds fosters a better understanding of a diverse customer base.  The successful US Policies have led to the meteoric rise of minority businesses (SBE, MBE, WBE and etc) that are a substantial stabilizer for the US economy.

Over the last decade, the number of minority-owned firms in the US has increased by 38 percent. As the number of minority entrepreneurs continues to rise, astute business owners recognize the need for B2B opportunities and well defined Supplier Diversity Programs.

It is a real honor and privilege to be a part of the book project.  Read about America’s journey in this fantastic book! 

DCS Attends AMAC Business Opportunity Summit

Ducere Construction Services recently attended the Airport Minority Advisory Council (AMAC) Business Opportunity Summit in Tampa, FL.  The panel discussions were full of vibrant panelist eager to help the businesses in attendance gain insightful knowledge needed to continue on their paths to success.  Special thanks to Michael Stephens with TIA for inviting DCS to attend.  We look forward to seeing everyone at Nationals in LA!

The AMAC Business Opportunity Summit: Business by the Bay provides airports, corporations, business owners, government employees and entities the opportunity to cultivate new relationships and expand hyper-locally through their region.  As a leading airport in the Southeast region, Tampa International Airport is one of Florida’s most significant economic engines, with a total economic output of more than $7 billion. The airport and its tenants employ more than 7,500 people on the airport campus and support more than 81,000 jobs in the community. 

For more information visit https://amac-org.com

DCS CEO-Markesia Akinbami Speaks at Enterprising Latinas

Enterprising Latinas is women-led Nonprofit Group that focuses on prosperity for women.  During a recent Women Wealth Building Series, the Enterprising Latinas hosted a conversation, with Markesia Akinbami – Chief Executive Officer of Ducere Construction Services – regarding Women’s Leadership in the Construction Industry, the Power of Relationships and Leading Prosperous Businesses.    Also, Dr. Lee Thomas from Hillsborough Community College South Shore Campus spoke on commitment from HCC to bring education and training on construction skills for women to empower their community and increase wages.

Enterprising Latinas focuses on the following GOALS

  1. Promote self-efficacy and capacity of women to make decisions that impact their economic future
  2. Increase women’s tangible and intangible assets that lead to greater economic security
  3. Create new relationships that support women’s access to financial capital and the market place
  4. Providing access Creating networks of mutual support that enable women to pursue their personal and economic goals
  5. Teaching new skills and offering new tools that lead to entrepreneurial careers and workforce opportunities
  6. Advocating for Innovative Service and public policy solutions that promote economic security and social equity

For more information on this amazing group, please visit http://www.enterprisinglatinas.org/

2019 REFERENDUM PROJECTS – PHASE 1 Benito Elementary School, Clark Elementary School and Wharton High School Tampa, Florida Meet & Greet

Charles Perry Partners, Inc. (CPPI) and Long and Associates Architects/Engineers, Inc. are currently in the design phase of the 2019 REFERENDUM PROJECTS – PHASE 1 Benito Elementary School, Clark Elementary School and Wharton High School Tampa, Florida in an effort to gain interest in the upcoming construction of these projects.

You are invited to attend a pre-construction Meet & Greet to learn more about opportunities associated with these three upcoming projects.

Don’t miss out! Be There!

To RSVP for the upcoming Meet & Greet, please contact: Markesia Akinbami at (404) 565-0631 or Email: markesia@ducereconstruction.com

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Special Thanks!

A special THANK YOU to all the individuals that participated in the CPPI/HCA Meet & Greet.   The Meet and Greet was well attended by a diverse group of business owners and professional firms.  We look forward to the attendees having a share in the commercial construction projects available at the Orange Park Medical Center.