Historic Austell House

The Historic Austell House – Renovation Project

Greater Atlanta Area — Ducere Construction Services recently held a Ribbon Cutting Ceremony and Networking Event to unveil their new renovation project – The Historic Austell House and Business Headquarters near the Historic District of downtown Austell, Georgia.

City officials and community members were there to check out the newly renovated building, enjoy some food and drinks, admire the artwork inside, and officially introduce the new space. In attendance were Ollie Clemons – City of Austell Mayor, Darrell Weaver – City of Austell Department of Community Affairs, Jim Graham – City of Austell Department of Community Affairs, Sandra Leverette – City of Austell Council Member, Valerie Anderson – City of Austell Council Member and many other distinguished guests.

Images from the Grand Opening of The Historic Austell House

A Living Museum circa 1891

A prominent landmark, The Historic Austell House is arguably one of the most charming and picturesque of Victorians in the Greater Atlanta Area. Stepping into the Mansion is like entering into an exquisite “Highly Liveable Work of Art“.

Its interior is refined, elegant and decidedly modern, lined with artwork that feels to be carefully curated. The Victorian is situated on one of the highest points in the Heart of Austell, Georgia’s Historic District.

The Historic Austell House is available for private tours, filming and photography, weddings, receptions, showers and other group events.

Download Historic Austell House Brochure

DCS Small Business Tour in June 2019

What an amazing ride we had over the last month with our small businesses!! 

First Stop: Savannah, GA

The team started out in Savannah with our mentorship class.  We have some great small companies eager to learn how to improve their businesses in 2019!

Second Stop:  Tampa, FL

Our Blueprint Reading Class with CEI was a success!  The students learned so much about how to take commercial plans and use them as a business tool to increase revenue and educate their teams.  Big Thanks to Eric Graham for teaming with us on this event.  We appreciate the support of HCPS OSD!

Final Stop: University of Florida, Gainesville, FL

We completed our third session with our protégé Ms. Erika Nelson with Nelson & Company.  Keep up the good work everyone.  Thanks to Kathey Porter and her team for your continuous efforts to engage small business with all the opportunities that the University of Florida offers.  Kudos to Lennise with LivyO’s for catering the session! 

DCS CEO-Markesia Akinbami Speaks at Enterprising Latinas

Enterprising Latinas is women-led Nonprofit Group that focuses on prosperity for women.  During a recent Women Wealth Building Series, the Enterprising Latinas hosted a conversation, with Markesia Akinbami – Chief Executive Officer of Ducere Construction Services – regarding Women’s Leadership in the Construction Industry, the Power of Relationships and Leading Prosperous Businesses.    Also, Dr. Lee Thomas from Hillsborough Community College South Shore Campus spoke on commitment from HCC to bring education and training on construction skills for women to empower their community and increase wages.

Enterprising Latinas focuses on the following GOALS

  1. Promote self-efficacy and capacity of women to make decisions that impact their economic future
  2. Increase women’s tangible and intangible assets that lead to greater economic security
  3. Create new relationships that support women’s access to financial capital and the market place
  4. Providing access Creating networks of mutual support that enable women to pursue their personal and economic goals
  5. Teaching new skills and offering new tools that lead to entrepreneurial careers and workforce opportunities
  6. Advocating for Innovative Service and public policy solutions that promote economic security and social equity

For more information on this amazing group, please visit http://www.enterprisinglatinas.org/

Special Thanks!

A special THANK YOU to all the individuals that participated in the CPPI/HCA Meet & Greet.   The Meet and Greet was well attended by a diverse group of business owners and professional firms.  We look forward to the attendees having a share in the commercial construction projects available at the Orange Park Medical Center.

Orange Park Medical Center Kitchen/Central Energy Plant Expansion and the South Tower Vertical Expansion Meet and Greet!

Charles Perry Partners, Inc. (CPPI) and HCA are currently seeking WBE/MBE partners in the Jacksonville, FL and surrounding area businesses, to join us on the upcoming Orange Park Medical Center Kitchen/Central Energy Plant Expansion and the South Tower Vertical Expansion projects in Jacksonville, FL.

You are invited to attend a pre-construction Meet & Greet to learn more about opportunities associated with these two upcoming projects.

Don’t miss out! Be There!

To RSVP for the upcoming Meet & Greet, please contact:

Markesia Akinbami at (404) 565-0631 or Email: markesia@ducereconstruction.com

Hillsborough County Public Schools Office of Supplier Diversity Black History Month Celebration

On a monumental day in Tampa, Florida, Charles Perry Partners Incorporated (CPPI) and Ducere Construction Services (DCS) supported the Hillsborough County Public Schools Office of Supplier Diversity and Hillsborough Branch of NAACP Black History Month Celebration. 

At the event, Superintendent Jeff Eakins, of Hillsborough County School System, spoke on the focused successes of the 8th largest School System in the Nation. 

The quote “Life is About Moments; Don’t Wait for Them, Create Them”  was the theme of an eloquent Key Note address given by Mr  Danny Persaud, Chief Executive Officer of MidFlorida Armored.  Mr Persaud has been responsible for overseeing the logistics of approximately $300 Billion in US funds.

The Hillsborough County Supplier Diversity Office also presented Markesia Akinbami and CPPI with a special award in which Dr. Minerva Spanner—Morrow and Mr Eric Graham (Hillsborough County Supplier Diversity Officers), organized in honor of the Anniversary of the Celebration.

The event was well attended by well-known Community Leaders, NAACP Branch Officials, Greater Tampa Chamber of Commerce, Hillsborough County School Board Members, and Local Small Businesses. Some of the well known individuals and businesses include:

Tamara P Shamburger– Chair of Hillsborough County School Board

Lakendria Robinson – Director, Minority Business Accelerator & Economic Inclusion at Greater Tampa Chamber of Commerce

R. Colette Glover-Hannah – Glover-Hannah Community Relations Consulting

Bob Morrison– Morrison & Associates, Inc

Yvette Lewis, President- Hillsborough County Branch NAACP

Larry Davis– Community Business Solutions


Thankfully, if you have seen one finish, you have not seen them all. In fact, innovations in the available options for cladding surfaces are ever on the horizon. Eco Spec, a manufacturer’s representative firm, specializes in bringing these in-demand solutions to the industry.  This month, we would like to feature their elegant, versatile alternative to FRP (fiber reinforced plastic): VRP, which stands for Vitrulan Reinforced Polyurethane. The system starts with Vitrulan woven 100% glass fabric and comes in rolls like wallpaper. It can be applied onto an existing or new wall and then painted with a two-part, tintable, low VOC water-based epoxy and finished with a coat of low VOC clear, water-based polyurethane.

Some key benefits are:

  • High durability and impact resistance
  • Ability to hold up to aggressive maintenance
  • Easy to repair with little or no visible indication
  • Impermeable to growth of micro-organisms
  • Exceeds all applicable fire and safety standards
  • Unlimited design & color options
  • LEED Certified
  • Costs less than FRP

Get started with VRP on your project today: Eco Spec | Dewayne Thomas | Dewayne@eco-spec.us | (866) 480-4710 Ext. 701

CPPI and DCS Rung the Ceremonial Achievement Bell!!

CPPI and DCS Rung the Ceremonial Achievement Bell!!

On yesterday, CPPI and DCS rung the Achievement Bell, in two US cities (Tampa and Gainesville, Fl), to signify the award of a momentous project with the Hillsborough County Public Schools District (HCPS). The HCPS is a school district that runs the public school system of Hillsborough County in west central Florida and is headquartered in Tampa, Florida.  The district serves all of Hillsborough County. It is the third largest school district in Florida and the 8th largest in the United States.

The Awarded Project will include the renovation of several schools located in the Public School District.  There will be SEVERAL Procurement and Contracting opportunities available on this noteworthy project.

If you own or work with a Small Business Enterprise (SBE), Women Own Business (WBE), Minority Business Enterprise (MBE), Veteran Owned Business etc in the Tampa, FL or the surrounding areas, please IMMEDIATELY inbox me to learn how you can work with us on HCPS project. 

CPPI and DCS strives to lead the way in commercial construction, and we have a proven record in doing so in many communities throughout the nation. 

Ducere Construction Services Logo

Keeping the dream alive!

Keeping the dream alive!

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. was a fierce advocate for economic inclusion. Ducere Construction Services is happy to keep that dream alive with our partnership with Charles Perry Partners, Inc. at their senior executive leadership meeting!

“The time is always right to do what is right.” -Martin Luther King, Jr. hashtag#leadershiphashtag#smallbusinesshashtag#stewardshiphashtag#powerpartnershipshashtag#economicempowerment

DCS Small Business Spotlight – LiteSwap

Many songs have been written about how one person can light up your life.  For Julie Johnson, CEO/Founder and Creative Director, LiteSwap, Inc based in Gainesville, FL, this is not a mere fanciful gesture of a heart-struck musician. For over 18 years as a lighting designer, Julie has been doing just that, helping design and construction industry professionals light up their projects. She is passionate about how people and the environment are affected by light. Seeing the need to improve industry options for lighting design, Julie began the development of proprietary software that streamlines the process of searching, comparing, and purchasing light fixtures for construction projects.

DCS: What makes your software unique?

Julie Johnson - Ducere Construction Services
Julie Johnson – LiteSwap CEO/Founder

Julie: This software allows designers, contractors and owners to be more efficient and collaborate faster when it comes to lighting systems. By removing time-consuming processes and allowing the software algorithms to do most of the work, the team can spend more time on what is important and less time on research, selection, and approval. Built by industry professionals and algorithm specialists, the software goes beyond the typical product specification and dives into the actual performance data to make sure the right product is selected for the project and application.

DCS: This is a great concept! We see that LiteSwap offers other services for lighting as well. How did you get started?

Julie: I came up with the idea to help provide a more efficient way to research, select and approve lighting products when lighting product technology advancements added complexity to my daily workload as a lighting designer at an engineering firm. I noticed that over 18 years as a lighting designer, the process for finding and comparing products took more time as it became harder to understand how lighting products truly perform in the real world compared to documentation. Combined with advancements in lighting technology, more metrics were needed to truly understand the differences between products to ensure proper application and design was implemented. Another frustration was the reactive nature of the industry during the design and construction process. This reactive process added time and cost to tight construction budgets. By creating a proactive solution, added time and cost is mitigated and the entire design/construction/owner team wins. It is a hard journey with several hurdles, but the industry is in dire need for this solution and there are several supporters out there to see this through.

DCS: Can you talk about CPPI or DCS and their role in helping you get started or continuing growth?

Julie: I can say that without CPPI and DCS, LiteSwap would not have the same progress to date. Both mentors were instrumental by providing guidance on product and service offerings and nurturing client and future client relationships. CPPI set up introductions and meetings with key players at the University of Florida and City of Gainesville, while DCS introduced a positive business model on all relationships and the importance of networking. Both CPPI and DCS emphasized the importance of being a good leader and how personal and positive connections to others can help lead to success. LiteSwap and I continue to grow as both mentors share their lessons learned over the years. I have been truly blessed and am happy to have met and worked with both of them.

DCS: Thank you, Julie! We certainly enjoy working with driven, problem solving oriented entrepreneurs and you are exceptional. How do you define success?

Julie: I define success by each milestone I meet and the positive impact I can have on others. I want to be a catalyst to positive change in the industry that results in better lighting in buildings. We have all of this amazing technology and research to tell us the psychological, biological and environmental impacts of good light. I just want to make it easier to provide good lighting in all buildings and knock down the barriers. If my journey helps anyone along the way, I can wake up with a smile no matter how hard the day will be. It has never been about me. It has always been a journey of something bigger. This is what feeds my soul.

DCS: We too believe in contributing to something bigger and therefore saw synergy with our companies from the start. Who is your target customer and how did you find them?

LiteSwap – Defining Lighting Standards

Julie: Because lighting systems affect several key players in the construction industry, I have several target customers: architects, lighting designers, interior designers, lighting manufacturers, lighting reps, distributors, general contractors, electrical contractors, buildings owners (such as the universities, commercial developers, etc.). I am currently relying on relationships to get me in the door. I am also learning about the RFP process and how to find and answer those. I plan on attending conferences and networking events to keep building relationships to get on projects. I want to show customers/clients that I am really there to be a team player and help everyone build better buildings and make more profit. My first major client is the University of Florida. I am currently helping them update their campus Lighting Standards and Design Guidelines and am really excited about this! Go Gators!

DCS: Wonderful, Julie! Thank you so much for sharing your experience with us and may your endeavors continue to succeed!