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A night of inspiration was held at the Historic Austell House in Austell, Georgia, on October 18th, 2019, which was the previous Friday. The event was co-hosted by Attorney Brian Poe, chairman of the Georgia Injury Attorneys, and was hosted by Ducere Construction Services Inc. (DCS).

Ms. Kathey Porter, author of 50 Billion Dollar Boss and a well-known business expert from out of town, was interviewed by Mr. Poe on the importance of partnerships and how to CONNECT, ENGAGE, and PURCHASE in order to make small businesses more successful. The interview was the highlight of the evening. Before participating in this enlightening discussion, the guests had the privilege of mingling and mixing with the speakers, courtesy of DCS Chairman Korey Akinbami and CEO Markesia Akinbami. This was a truly unforgettable experience for all of the attendees.

Many were motivated to take their business endeavors to new heights as a result of the strong message that Kathey Porter delivered. At the end of the night, guests were given new insights into what it takes to develop great partnerships that will bring success for small businesses everywhere. More pictures from this enjoyable evening will be uploaded very soon.


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