DCS CEO-Markesia Akinbami Speaks at Enterprising Latinas

Markesia Akinbami, Chief Executive Officer of Ducere Construction Services, and Dr. Lee Thomas from Hillsborough Community College South Shore Campus were the featured speakers at an inspirational event that was part of the Women Wealth Building Series that was hosted by 2020 Enterprising Latinas on March 20. The power of connections to establish successful enterprises and to lead profitable lives was the topic of discussion in this talk, which offered both men and women an excellent opportunity to gain new knowledge in this area.

Ms. Akinbami presented the lessons she learned on her own path to success as a woman leader in the construction industry, including the significance of seeking out mentors, cultivating robust support networks, and ensuring that one never underestimates her or his own potential. In addition to that, she discussed how cultivating meaningful relationships can throw open doors to unforeseen possibilities.

After thereafter, Dr. Thomas discussed her dedication to bringing education and training on construction skills for women in the community through her work at the HCC South Shore Campus. This was done to empower the community as a whole and to boost earnings for everyone involved.

The event was a smashing success, and attendees went home feeling motivated to take their business pursuits to the next level.

Enterprising Latinas focuses on the following GOALS

  1. Promote self-efficacy and capacity of women to make decisions that impact their economic future
  2. Increase women’s tangible and intangible assets that lead to greater economic security
  3. Create new relationships that support women’s access to financial capital and the market place
  4. Providing access Creating networks of mutual support that enable women to pursue their personal and economic goals
  5. Teaching new skills and offering new tools that lead to entrepreneurial careers and workforce opportunities
  6. Advocating for Innovative Service and public policy solutions that promote economic security and social equity

For more information on this amazing group, please visit http://www.enterprisinglatinas.org/

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