Estimating Home Costs with a House Building Calculator

Estimating Home Costs with a House Building Calculator

Building a home is actually the best option for most people, especially those who would love to have the design of their dreams (which, in the market of today, is almost impossible to find). Also, several sources have alluded that building your own home is less expensive than buying one.

With the house building calculator, you get a wide array of options to choose from, you can get your custom flooring options, pick how many bathrooms you want, select your siding and roofing materials, your type of windows, whether you want to have a garage or not, etc.

The calculator also has a proper cost per sq. ft. formula, so you can rest assured of optimal accuracy when it comes to cost estimates. Essentially, when your total square footage is less than 1,500, the cost/foot gradually goes higher, in order to accommodate any other expenses that you incur.

How to use the calculator
1. Put in the size of your house’s foundation (note that this shouldn’t include the garage)
2. Put in how many bathrooms you want to have. You should also remember than an additional bathroom required extra materials and plumbing as well
3. Select the build quality. This included items such as your HVAC system, your kitchen, framing, insulation, and other options that you might not be able to select with the calculator
4. Choose how any floors you will want to have. Keep in mind that the living area, as well as the number of windows and siding, will usually increase in accordance with the number of additional floors that you put in.
5. Choose your siding and rooting materials
6. You can also choose some extra options, such as window options, deck size, and garage size
7. Then, select your location. Keep in mind that there will be a significant variation in costs based on your location. This will account for the cost of materials, and even labor.

Just push “calculate,” and you will get your estimate. Now, it is also important for you to note that your estimate doesn’t include the following:

1. Clearing and land demolition
2. The land itself
3. Site work and plot levelling
4. Fees paid to the architect for the house plans
5. Engineering reports, permits, and any other required paperwork

Reports have suggested that homeowners across the United States are spending about $190,000 to $420,000 on an average to build a house that measures 2,000 sq. ft. in a vast majority of the middle class areas, the same house costs an average of $295,000 in construction.

However, you could get about $95 to $225 in average building costs per square foot, depending on a wide array of factors, including:

1. The local labor costs
2. The number of floors
3. Professional designer and architect fees
4. The style of the house
5. Costs of paperwork


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