Implementing Supplier Diversity by Kathey Porter!

A HUGE THANK YOU to Ms. Kathey PorterAuthor, Small Business Expert, and Supplier Diversity Advocate – for including my interview in her new educational book titled, “Implementing Supplier Diversity“. 

There seems to be a sincere need for further education on the case of Supplier Diversity in America.  The catastrophic Great Depression taught Americans the need for sophisticated US Fiscal and Monetary Policies that are designed to monitor and influence the nation’s economy.  The instructional book, Implementing Supplier Diversity, provides an in-depth analysis of how Supplier Diversity Programs successfully contributed to American economics and political science.

Supplier Diversity Programs significantly influence macroeconomic variables by facilitating open and inclusive competition for contracts during procurement processes, and the use of vendors of different backgrounds fosters a better understanding of a diverse customer base.  The successful US Policies have led to the meteoric rise of minority businesses (SBE, MBE, WBE and etc) that are a substantial stabilizer for the US economy.

Over the last decade, the number of minority-owned firms in the US has increased by 38 percent. As the number of minority entrepreneurs continues to rise, astute business owners recognize the need for B2B opportunities and well defined Supplier Diversity Programs.

It is a real honor and privilege to be a part of the book project.  Read about America’s journey in this fantastic book! 

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