Natural Home Solutions for Black Mold


If you’re the type of person who loves a clean home, then you can attest to how strenuous it could be sometimes. However, black mold is one thing that can easily take all the work you’ve put into arranging your home and throw it down the drain.

Black mold can get pretty much anywhere in the home; your attic, HVAC system, etc. As long as it takes up moisture, it is a potential home for black mold. Whenever you suspect that mold has found its way into your home, you could call an expert of just buy a testing kit.

However, there are also some natural home solutions that can help you get this problem eradicated.

Tea tree oil

Tea tree oil has been known as a great way to keep spiders from your home. However, it also helps to get rid of black old as well. Tea tree oil is a natural fungicide, and thanks to its ability to work as a cleaning product, it has the strength to prevent the appearance of mold spores as well.

All you need is a teaspoon of the oil and a cup of water. Shake the solution and pour it into a spray bottle. Apply it to the moldy area, and leave it to dry in for about an hour. Wipe it away with a cloth, and you’re done.

                  Grapefruit seed extract

Over time, grapefruit seed extract has proven itself to be a great addition for people who require quick healthcare fixes, as well as potions and cleaning solutions. As for black mold, this solution works pretty well also. It comes with limonoids and naringenin, which take out laundry bacteria and help clean out carpet spills.

When grapefruit seed extract is used in fighting black mold, the acids in it penetrate any growth area and prevent the spores of the mold from coming back.

So, mix 10 drops of the extract to a cup of water, and spray it on the black mold to take it out.

Baking soda

There really seems to be no downside to baking soda. It is safe to leave with your pets and children, and it is also great with treating black mold as well.

Just combine water and baking soda in equal proportions until you get a paste. This solution will effectively take out lighter mold stains, as well as prevent any growth of mold in the future as well. When you apply it, get a brush to scrape the spots. Then, get 2 baking soda spoons and combine them with 2 cups of water. Pour those into a spray bottle as well, shake the solution, and spray it over the area you just cleaned.


White vinegar is pretty cheap, so don’t worry about spending too much, it is also a great way to take out black mold. It has antibacterial, acidic properties, which will tear into black mold without mercy.

So, just pour the undiluted vinegar into a spray bottle and apply it to the area. If you like, you could pour the vinegar directly onto the mold stains as well. Wipe the mold from the area with a towel, but if the stains persist, just get a brush and hack a bit at the problematic area.

Allow some time for it to dry, then get a cloth and clean the affected area once and for all.

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