Preventing Holiday Fire Hazards This Year

The holiday period is perhaps the most interesting tie of the year. Families get together, you get to see your cousins, and everyone reminisces over the year that they all had.

However, in the midst of all the celebrations, it is important to stay safe. That being said, keep the following in mind: 

Christmas Trees

The old fashioned Christmas trees used to have wax canes on live branches. Worse, they were actually placed inside houses, effectively raising the risk of holiday fire hazards!

Thankfully, we know better now, and we have been able to embrace safety tips. However, there are still some risks. First off, if you will be getting actual trees in your house, then make sure that you water it daily. Dry wood and needles will catch fire more easily, so take note of that.

Also, while you can use several light strings, make sure that you don’t plug more than 3 into each other. Worn out or broken light strings should be scare as well, and make sure you unplug the lights when it is bedtime or you are all going out of the house.

Cooking and Baking

The Christmas feast is the hallmark of the holiday season. Everyone comes together for a big meal, and you see all of your family members. However, it is important to be careful of manual kitchen fires while baking and cooking as well.

For instance, you will have to ensure that flammable trees are kept away from the oven n stove. Get children away from the oven and other sources of fire as well. While taking fire hazards out, ensure that you clean any greasy spills as well.

If you will be doing a deep fried turkey, ensure that the fryer is kept away from trees and other structures. You turkey should also be completely thawed, and ensure that you read all of the manufacturer’s instructions for your fryer


Apart from being a great way to take out the chill of the holiday period, fireplaces also provide a great way for everyone to come around and bond. However, to ensure that you are safe from any holiday fire hazards, make sure that you keep any “fuel” – such as wrapping paper, rugs, and clothes – no less than three feet from the fireplace.

You can also ensure that embers and logs are kept in place by using embers. Then, ensure that you extinguish all embers before you go to sleep.


They might be standard Fourth of July celebration materials, but a lot of people ring in the New Year with fireworks as well. Sadly, a lot of holiday fire hazards come during firework presentations too. So, you need to be very careful.

If you will be putting on a show at home, then make sure that you are setting the fireworks off somewhere away from trees and buildings. Also, see to it that there is a supply of fire extinguishers and water close by to protect people.

Spectators should be made to step back, and if you notice that there is a bit of a drought in your area this year, you might want to cancel the fireworks this year. Better safe than sorry.

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