Currently, there are over 100 strains of mold that can be found in homes, and some have proven to e more difficult to get rid of than others. So, the ideal products for mold removal will usually depend on the strains of mold that you actually have (especially if you have more than one strain growing in your home).

In some cases, the ideal mold removal product could also depend on the area of your home were the mold is actually growing. Essentially, you will need to take a different approach to removing mold from your walls than you will to removing mold from inside the walls.


When you have mold growing on a hard surface, you can easily take it out by scrubbing it with one off the products that you can find. However, if the mold is growing on a floor or a wall, then you most likely have it growing in other areas and just can’t see it yet.

If you have a wooden surface with mold on it, then you might have some work to do. Sanding off might work, but then you will also need to treat the surface with a disinfectant if the mold has already seeped into the wood. Sanding also poses a potential threat because the mold can become airborne. So, the ideal recommendation is to get mold removal experts.

When you have mold in areas such as carpets, removing it might not be possible. You can opt to treat the material with one of the many products that help with mold removal, but even that has just a 50 percent chance of actually working. In addition to that, even dead mold spores can cause some health hazards like the live ones.

Safe mold removal tips

When it comes to mold in the bathroom, a lot of people make the mistake of thinking that it is just like getting soap particles out of the tile. Well, there are differences. Mold spores have a propensity to become airborne when they get scrubbed, as opposed to soap particles. You also risk quite a lot of health issues when you inhale mold spores, while soap particles are relatively not hazardous.

A lot of people recommend that you put on rubber gloves when performing mold removal to protect their hands from cleaning products or to just avoid having to get in contact with dirty surfaces. This is a great first step, but certain additional safety precautions are still required.

First, when conducting mold removal, make sure that you get disposable covers for both your shoes and your hair. You should also get a face mask to avoid inhaling the spores. When you get the job done, pull off the clothes on you and have them washed immediately.

At the end of the day, you could always hire a professional service to help you take care of any mold problem in your house, since they have the required expertise and tools.


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