The Biggest Mold Inspection and Mold Remediation Mistakes to Avoid

The biggest mold inspection and mold remediation mistakes to avoid

Mold Inspection and Mold Remediation are two very important things to do when you find mold spores in your home. So, make sure to look out for these mistakes when treating them:

Getting mold inspection companies that are unqualified

When it comes to taking out mold, the company that you choose will need to have the right qualifications. Sadly, a lot of people tend to believe that any company will have the right credentials, but the truth is that while some companies actually do, there are those who don’t as well.

When you get a mold inspection company, you need to ensure that their employees are certified by organizations such as the National Organization of Remediators and Mold Inspectors or the Mold Inspection Consulting and Remediation Organization (MICRO). You should also make sure to ask the employees for their qualification levels and the amount of working experience that they have.

All of these will go a long way in giving you an assurance of the fact that they can get the job done right.

Mold Inspection

Spreading the mold while working

One of the biggest advantages than you will get when you hire a mold inspection and remediation company is that instead of doing things by yourself, professionals will know just how to avoid spreading the old when it is time to clean the entire place up. So, they will have all the right tools to get rid of the mold, and you know that they can get the job done easily.

Sadly, there are some companies which don’t have the right tools, or which prefer to cut corners when they work. These guys usually get the entire mold inspection and remediation process wrong.

In order to ensure that mold doesn’t spread while they work, it is important for professionals to use large sheets of plastic to cover the areas where they are treating. Also, the mold inspection professionals should ensure that they have the right equipment required to create negative pressure in their work areas. This negative pressure will see to it that mold spores are properly prevented from spreading to the other areas of the house.

Also, it is important for the negative air machines to be effectively used when vented to the outside. Mold inspection and remediation professionals will need to use vacuums with HEPA filters, so that any debris created during their work processes are taken out as well. Then, they should also take out the outer layer of their work clothes in the work area to ensure that they don’t go about the house spreading any mold spores around. 

Spreading some hidden mold

One of the biggest mistakes that can be made in the mold inspection and remediation process is leaving some of the mold behind. Taking out the visible mold is easy, but there are some mold spores that are hidden. Leaving them opens the possibility of them growing and spreading once more.

So, you should ensure that you get a mold inspection and remediation company that will do a thorough job.

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