Mold is never easy to get rid of. That is why a lot of people generally become irritated when they find mold in their homes. However, if you find some and you will like to ensure that it doesn’t spread, here are some important steps for you to follow:

The Environmental Protection Agency has noted that any areas of the home with mold that are less than 10 square feet can easily be remediated by the homeowner. However, if you see that the moldy area is more extensive, it might be in your best interest to speak with a mold remediation contractors.

As a matter of fact, in most cases, it will be much better for you to have a mold remediation contractor get the work done, as opposed to a general contractor.

A lot of people make use of chlorine bleach to kill mold, but bleach is still not a regulated biocide. So, it is recommended that you get a product such as Mold Stat. in addition to that, if you find that the spot where the mold is currently stands close to your HVAC system, then you will need to properly contain the mold to ensure that it doesn’t disperse as well.

Mold inspection

The mold inspection is the first step, and a lot of people still do believe that it is the most important step in the mold remediation process. Simply put, the mold inspection will help ensure that you understand the details of the old and whether you can easily eradicate it by yourself.

The mold inspection will provide proper details about the problem that you are facing, then you can work out a plan to address it

Containment and ventilation

Now that you are done with mold inspection, you have the containment and ventilation step, which is also just as important. The use of proper air filtration and ventilation devices (including but not limited to air scrubbers) will be required to ensure that old spores are properly disturbed without necessarily spreading to uninfected areas of the house.

Cleaning and disinfection

Then, you move on to the cleaning and disinfecting stage, which includes the actual remediation and disposal of the mold. When this stage has been done, you can move on to apply the biocide solution.

Treating at the source

This is the step where you address al moisture concerns. For instance, if you have a bathroom fan duct that goes into an attic, you might fix the duct. An easy fix ix no problem, but more advanced fixes might need to be handled by mold remediation companies.

Mold encapsulation

Any old that hasn’t been taken out will need to be encapsulated by paint or some other material. The encapsulation method is an approved means of dealing with old.

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