What are the most affordable neighborhoods in Atlanta, Georgia that are on the rise?

In Atlanta, Georgia, there have always been wonderful neighborhoods. Atlanta is a vibrant city renowned worldwide for its culture and art. It is a terrific area to live as a single person, as well as for raising children and retiring. However, its advantages come at a price… physically. Atlanta has an 18% higher cost of living than the rest of Georgia and a 5% higher cost of living than the national average. If you’re considering moving to Atlanta or relocating to a more inexpensive area of the city, you should investigate the city’s most promising up-and-coming districts.

No matter which Atlanta area you choose when purchasing a property, you will incur certain inescapable costs. Homeowners insurance is an expense you cannot afford to forego. The annual average cost of homeowner’s insurance in Georgia is $1,368. This may appear to be a great deal, but it is well worth it. If something were to happen to your home, it would cover your severe financial issues.

In light of this, let’s examine Atlanta’s most inexpensive up-and-coming areas


Cabbagetown has a great deal going for it, and its advantages extend far beyond its amusing moniker. Even though the crime rate is low, it is not particularly pricey. In reality, the monthly median rent is only $1,184, which is much less than the national average. This is not the result of subpar rental units. On the contrary, you can acquire a quaint cottage or a charming shotgun house.

Not only is it affordable and safe, but Cabbagetown is also a terrific place for environment and cultural enthusiasts. It has several beautiful picnic areas, notably Esther Peachy Lefevre Park. You can enjoy a night of comedy at Dad’s Garage Theatre or check out the talents of local graffiti artists in the Krog Street Tunnel. There are wonderful eateries and the area is convenient to navigate.

Candler Park

While purchasing a property in Candler Park is a costly enterprise, renting is rather inexpensive. With a median monthly rent of $1,083, it is even more affordable than Cabbagetown. In what type of dwelling will you reside? The area is comprised of bungalows and Victorian-style homes, surrounded by beautiful vegetation.

Candler Park has ample room for biking and running, a well-kept golf course, a soccer field, and an outstanding public pool for those who enjoy staying active. There is always an opportunity for culture enthusiasts to view a production at 7 Stages.

Candler Park has low crime rates and is considered safer than 81 percent of Atlanta communities.

The area of North Buckhead

North Buckhead is ideal for those wishing to raise a family as it is situated in a more residential area. With low crime rates and large green spaces, housing costs are extremely high. However, the monthly median rent is only $830.

North Buckhead offers excellent public schools and is a reasonably tranquil neighborhood. There are sporadic block parties that bring the community together, but this is not a neighborhood for anyone seeking frequent late-night entertainment.

Visitors to Blue Heron Nature Preserve will find hiking and biking trails, as well as revolving outdoor art displays. If you’re seeking for culture, you can discover exhibitions at the Atlanta Innovative Art Gallery, but it will be difficult to find engaging theatrical performances or clubs.

Underwood Hills

Underwood Hills is the most affordable neighborhood on this list, with modest house prices and a typical rent of $919 per month. However, the neighborhood has a higher crime rate than the others listed. However, it is still safer than 50% of Atlanta’s neighborhoods.

Underwood Hills has a rich cultural scene, with frequent performances at Fifth Place Comedy and plenty to see at Georgia Film Art. Additionally, you can visit The Works, a complex featuring restaurants and activities.

Living in Atlanta may be a phenomenal experience, particularly for those who appreciate the local culture and art. The best up-and-coming areas demonstrate that it need not be excessively costly.

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