How To Prevent a Dangerous Home Fire

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Home fires are never a pretty sight. The raw destruction is devastating, and while home fire restorations services can play a major role in mitigating losses, there are bound to be losses of materials and other valuables regardless.

To that end, it is important for you to keep these tips in mind and avoid home fires. 

Test your smoke detectors

One of the most important tips here will be for you to ensure that your smoke detectors are in top shape. You might have the threat of a fire and not know it, and while home fire restoration services can be of help in the event of a fire, you might not be able to tell that there is one until it is too late if your smoke detectors aren’t functional.

So, it is important that you maintain your smoke alarms. Test the batteries monthly (and if you can, just change them), and while forgetting about regular maintenance is rather easy, you could just set a reminder to help you keep your commitments. In the event that your smoke alarms stop working, have them replaced at once.

Check your heating sources

Regardless of the primary heating source, it is important that you check them all at least quarterly.

Change the filters on your furnace regularly, as this will help avoid an accumulation of lint and dust that can also catch fire easily. If you have space heaters, then you can inspect them before and after each use as well.

You should also check your water heaters (especially those which have a pilot light and run off gas). Ensure that the heating element isn’t close to anything that can catch fire.

Always empty your stove and oven

Home fire restoration services believe that most house fires originate from the kitchen. So, to ensure that kitchen fires don’t happen, make sure that you keep the oven or stove clear of anything flammable. Ensure that there are no hanging curtains in the stove, and keep the stove top clear of any towels, recipe books, etc.

All cooking surfaces should be clean and free of any debris from your cooking as well.

Be careful with the kitchen

As a bit of a jump off from the last point, it is important that you attend to all cooking surfaces. Whether it is an electric griddle or a pot being warmed, you have to be present with it. If you need to leave the kitchen while you cook, then it will be better if you turn the griddle off or take your pot off the stove.

Pot handles should also be turned inwards to avoid the risk of tripping over. 

Examine your dryer

If your clothes dryer is powered by gas, then you will also need to inspect it to ensure that the connections are secure. You will also need to clean out the lint filter after finishing a load. Look around the dryer for lint or any other item that has fallen behind, and you can use a vacuum to take out all materials from the lint trap area as well.

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