Competent | Committed | Consistent

A commitment over an extended time to work together to the mutual benefit of both parties, sharing relevant information and the risks and rewards of the relationship.

We have learned that part of this relationship building process is accomplished through Mentorship and Teamwork.  A testament to this mission is the relationship DCS and CPPI have nurtured through the years.  The DCS and CPPI team believe the Act of Giving Back is the most notable characteristic our team exemplifies on every build.

Headquartered in Atlanta, GA, DCS is concentrating in select Southeast Markets throughout the United States.  DCS thrives on making a difference for their clients, employees, and community.  They strive to bring value, experience and a client-dedicated approach to all projects in a simplified and user-friendly process.  The company’s services include mentorship/training programs, skilled trades, and construction.

Since 1968, CPPI has committed to excellence in everything t they build; this transcends to their relationships. This commitment has led to a legacy of innovation and sustainability. With offices throughout the Southeast Region, the company’s successes cover a wide range of experience including project planning, preconstruction, scheduling, and construction.

As a united team, (DCS and CPPI) have a powerful commitment to the clients and the communities we serve, it is our top priority to bring to opportunities to the Small and Diverse Businesses in every community we serve.  Kindly allow us to show you how we can become Your Trusted Partner.

As part of our team’s commitment to Small and Diverse businesses, we established a dynamic supplier development program.

The program’s primary objectives are to provide opportunities and train businesses on how to capitalize on the opportunity.  The competency of small and diverse suppliers is crucial to creating long-term success and competitiveness in the marketplace.

Are you a small or diverse business looking for new opportunities?  If you answered Yes, you are in the right place.

Please click here for more information about trainings and contract opportunities in your area.

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