Ducere Construction Services Joins the University of Florida Mentor/Protégé Program

Ducere Construction Services has joined the Class of 2017 for the UF Mentor Protégé Program in Gainesville, FL. The program is setup to facilitate the establishment of effective working relationships between mature established companies (mentors) and emerging small businesses, including woman and minority owned companies (Protégés) in order for the latter to benefit from the knowledge and experience of the established firms.  CPPI was the mentor for Ducere Construction Services.

Further, it is the intent of the university through this initiative to foster increased business development and contribute to the economic development of the community through business growth and development resulting from the mentoring of small businesses.

1. To encourage contractors/suppliers, doing business with UF, to serve as mentors by developing teaming or subcontracting relationships with small businesses as Protégés, thereby aiding in the capacity building of small businesses relevant to the procurement needs of the university.

2. Increase the overall participation of small businesses, helping the university to achieve its’ commitment to providing opportunities for small business. Foster long-term business relationships to develop a more stable and available supplier base.

3. Enable Protégés to compete more successfully for UF contractual opportunities, by encouraging mentors to assist in the development of the Protégé’s knowledge and experience through teaming arrangements, alliances, and subcontracting relationship

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